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Allowance – What Do Your Kids Make?

Let’s talk about allowance.
My daughter recently turned 5 and is now all about doing a household chores for a couple of extra dollars in her pocket.
We decided at home that we were no longer going to be buying toys just willy-nilly, if she wanted a new toy or a new book that she would be able to start saving up some of her allowance money for doing work around the house. That way it would be something that held more value to her.
Each week she makes $5 and has a set of chores that she needs to do daily as well as helping take care of her brother at times when my husband and I need to do work. If she has been particularly complain-y or failed to do the tidy up of her bedroom at the end of each day then she misses out on her allowance.  This is only happened once and she really worked extra hard the following week to show us how serious she was about her chores.
Here’s a list of the chores that we currently have her doing
  • making her bed each morning
  • making sure her clothes go into the laundry basket at the end of the day
  • taking dishes from the table after dinner
  • making sure toys are picked up (this includes helping her brother clean up his toys)
  • on weekends she has some “babysitting” time playing with her brother while we do house work
  • extra chores we ask for help with are to be done without complaining or asking 1000 times
What are some of the chores you have for your kids? Do they earn an allowance?  I would love any extra feedback.
Hopefully she feels the reward of knowing that she has saved up and earned it!