And then there was two …

“Have two” they said, “It will be fun” they said – yet somehow everyone forgot to mention just how exhausting a toddler and a newborn are.

Typically our blog posts feature local businesses that we have fallen in love with, and in the future we will continue to write about new and wonderful shops and businesses we come across. Shopping local and supporting other makers and talents is really important to Little Summerbee.  Being a mommy of two wonderful littles I thought I would start including some pieces about #MomLife and all of it’s ups and downs, so if you are down with that let’s jump right in.

I remember the exact moment we found out we were expecting our first little (Summer – the inspiration behind the brand). It was a pretty exciting time and from the very beginning she was a force. Our families were overjoyed for us, my grandma had been waiting years for me to tell her we were expecting (I remember when we were wedding planning she lovingly told me I didn’t NEED to get married to give her a great grand baby). The nine months flew by and before I knew it we were preparing to leave the hospital with our brand new daughter.

Mom-ing is hard, they don’t tell you that in the movies. I don’t know if I could have been properly prepared for how hard it was – but nobody had tried to prepare me either. (If they did I clearly didn’t catch on).

Adjusting to life with a new little person relying on you to keep them alive is not an easy task, and just as soon as she had joined us at home the big question started – “When is number 2 coming??” (Advice – never ask a new mom this, just don’t) I can’t say I received the question well, having just experienced how the birthing process happens and still recovering (not wanting to ever attempt hanky panky again after the shock). Why couldn’t we be happy with the little bundle of amazing that had just joined our family – why did people assume she wasn’t enough to complete our family – who was going to pay for another child’s college fund (kids ain’t cheap y’all) I would say the question that bothered me even more was “When are you giving her a brother?” as though a) 2 daughters would be a let down b) we had any choice in the matter. I still fume at it.

Having a second child wasn’t necessarily a difficult decision, but it also wasn’t an easy one. The relationship with my daughter was (and is) amazing – I couldn’t imagine loving another human the way I loved her and that idea scared me (it was something that worried me my entire pregnancy in fact). What sort of lifestyle changes would we need to make, and how would we feel about them? I just put diapers behind me, do I really actually want to be pooped on again!? But there was also a feeling that our family could grow, Summer could have a best friend in her sibling like I did with my sister. And so, when we found out number two was on their way I was equal part terrified and over the moon.

We have been a family of four for 7 weeks now, everything I knew about mom-ing was thrown out the window. Every baby is different and the way your body respond and reacts is different. Anxiety is a real struggle, and figuring out the perfect balance of newborn care and making sure your toddler knows just how much they are loved can feel impossible. But the two beautiful humans we created overfill my heart with love and our family is complete with the addition of little Lincoln (but I definitely didn’t miss poopy diapers – babies should come potty trained). I am still learning to juggle this new act, and looking forward to sharing stories and experiences with fellow moms as well as figuring out the best way to manage a business (keeping the littles in your life styled). So thank you for coming on this ride with me and for all the support you have shown team Little SummerBee.