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Another September Has Arrived

August slipped away into a moment in time
‘Cause it was never mine

Oh man, there isn’t a Taylor Swift lyric that doesn’t fit in life.

Here we are, another August has slipped away and we are getting ready for back to school. In fact, we should be a week in by the time this post makes the blog.

In Ontario, schools went virtual once again in April and stayed that way for the remainder of the school year.

Reflecting on the last 4 months I can honestly say I don’t think families are meant to spend this much time together. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy I get to be home with my little people and we have made some amazing memories we wouldn’t have had otherwise. But 24 hours a day – 7 days a week locked up together is A LOT!! Like a lot a lot.

In getting ready for Grade 2 I created a work binder for Summer to focus on over the summer break just so we didn’t loose whatever it was we had gained from first grade (if you are a virtual learning parent you know what I mean). It was helpful and kept her busy when I needed a hot minute to work.

Tips and Tricks for our Back to School Plan

This school year I am trying to change our mindset.
We are excited to be back at school in person and prepared that it probably won’t last long – we can’t be disappointed this way.

Beyond that, I made sure to but supplies that were heavily used last year.

  • Pencil Crayons (these erasable Crayloa ones are hands down a favourite.)
  • Markers
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Lefty Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Summer is not one for a standard lunch. She doesn’t like sandwiches or wraps so we often go with picnic options.

This year we are starting with mini quiche and sausage rolls as her mains and then 2 veggie containers and 2 fruits. She will get yogurt, cheese and crackers and one treat. Each year I buy a new reusable water bottle for the year so she is staying nice a hydrated.

Last school year we bought her some great masks from Chlo Zo Bow Co and were able to still be using them this year.

The biggest switch up will be taking the bus for the first time. If your little is a regular yellow school bus pro please drop all the tips because I think we are universally nervous about this transition!

Cheers to a good school year Mama- we’ve earned it!