Baby Round Up: top 7 products that have worked well for us

It’s funny how when you have your first child, and you finally feel like you are in control – you know how babies work, you have toddled with the best toddlers & kept a tiny person alive for a whopping 3 years and counting .. Baby #2 is on route and you have got this .. because now you know babies.

You are wrong, and you know nothing. Well that seems harsh, you know many things – but the one big thing the world fails to tell you is how it is 1000% percent different raising 1 child vs 2 children. All those mom hacks you devised you will spend a life time revising.

Now, I know every babe is different. What worked for my first didn’t always work for my second BUT maybe you and your baby will find these things as helpful as our Linky did.


  1. Rascal & Friends Diapers: It’s funny, with our first she was a Pampers girl through and through – it worked well and we strayed to a store brand once with firepants results and never again. With our second we started off with Pampers. I remember the first time I saw the trendy looking Rascal & Friends and honestly just assumed it was going to be soo expensive. They are sustainable, include no harsh chemicals and honestly over the best coverage for our guy – so no more leaks!! With all these great features I was afraid to like them, but then I did the may and realized they are actually CHEAPER then the other leading brands, so not only are they better for my baby and the planet, but they are also better for my wallet.
  2. Kogi Naturals Baby Bottom Balm: This is a Canadian business my mom actually discovered at a local shop in my hometown. She bought it for my first who never really struggled with rashes so that first container lasted the 3.5 years until baby two came along. It’s an all natural bum balm that acts as a great barrier. It keeps rashes at bay and he finds it so soothing. Typically I order from their website every 3-4 months and we use it with every diaper change so it really does last well.
  3. Honest Company Soothing Bottom Wash: I am obsessed with the smell of this stuff, it is just too good! I find I use it most in the morning after a full sleep worth of dirty diaper. It honestly just cleans everything up and is a good team with our bottom balm. But really, it just smells so good. It kind of seems like I am obsessed with the my kiddo’s diaper situation.  There are just so many dirty diapers in my life .. finding products & a system that you love while being affordable is such a dream. Some of these products listed above have higher price tags but the quality is top notch and really a little goes a long way so they are lasting products.
  4.  Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair: I was really on the fence about getting rid of our old highchair while we were getting ready to move but I am so glad we switched from the traditional highchair. Our dining room doesn’t have a lot of extra foot traffic space and being that the room is open concept I didn’t want to take up line of sight with a bulky seat, this space saver just clips onto our dining room chair and the baby really gets to feel like he’s eating at the table with us. Also, it’s super easy to transport and has made many trips to the backyard for picnics.
  5. My Dreamy Diaperbag: When I was pregnant with my daughter we got a very traditional (very ugly) Graco diaper bag, it was on clearance and really a dreadful purchase. I couldn’t wait not to need it any more. When pregnant with baby 2 I was firm on my decision to want a stylish bag, with 2 kiddos I knew I wouldn’t have free hands so decided a backpack style would be best suited. DO IT!! Honestly- it’s such a chic option and so practical. You can pack EVERYTHING you need for a day out plus have your hands free to deal with all the things life with kids throws at you. After lots of research I bought the Little Unicorn Marindale bag at Chapters Indigo and over 18 months later still love going out with it, as an added bonus, it still looks new
  6. Multipack Babywash Cloths: I know it seems obvious that wash cloths are needed but we have loved this brand. Also the mesh packaging has been great as we keep a set of cloths rolled up at his change table for rogue potty moments mid diaper change. We never needed protection with our first because it wasn’t a girl problem – these cloths especially came in handy in the early days when we first came home with baby 2 – I was officially a boy mom! (pro tip: you can get these clothes at Winners/Marshalls for $7.99)
  7. Nursery Diffuser: This is a very new thing. I started diffusing “Aroma Fairy” by SajeWellness about 2 months ago in Lincoln’s nursery. I plan to do a whole blog on this and the difference we have found in putting each of the kids to bed. But definately finding a blend to help relax your baby while putting them down for bed and to help in calming them and making them sleepy, every little bit help! And honestly, it helps relax me while I am rocking him on nights he just needs extra cuddles and mama gets some extra shut eye too! (I linked the diffuser we use – but click here for one designed with nursery in mind)

HUSBAND’S PICK:  We were gifted this fisher price frog seater when Summer was a baby from the lovely Smith family. It is hands down my husband’s favourite product ever made because it keeps baby sitting in one spot – on the couch and not falling. We’ve had some bumps and bruises prior to discovery. It’s wonderful because it fits baby longer then the Bumbo (if your babies have thunder thighs like mine) and the little toys keep them occupied.