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Back to School – a Kinder Start (from a been there Mom)

Another September is around the corner and this year our little guy is starting kindergarten.
I know how nerve wracking it can be when your little one is starting school, so here are a few tips I have learned from experience.

1. Practice Independent Tasks

Make sure your child can open all their lunch containers and put on their shoes, and start practicing those jacket zippers. We love eating lunch from our school time containers just to get a bit of the dexterity under control. Mastering these Independent tasks will make school easier for your child and their teachers.

2. Make sure they can RECOGNIZE their name.

Many parents start to stress about whether or not their child is able to write their own name at the beginning of the school year, you don’t need to. Help your child to recognize their name so they are able to find their cubby and other special class room spots. Their teachers and school will help teach them the rest.

3. Over pack the lunch

You’re child will most likely eat a lot more then you are used to as the first few weeks of school start, it’s normal! Make sure to have lots of options packed, and if they don’t eat a lot one day, don’t stress. Have loads of after school snacks ready to go and catch up on all that happened that day.

The first few weeks can be quite distracting for your child as they settle into a new routine with all of their new friends! It’s a learning time for everyone (whether it’s your first of 4th child starting!), both you and your child will do great!