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Back to School!

September has a weird feel to it this year. Let’s face it, the whole year has felt off!

Summer will be starting Grade One, and we have made the choice to send you back to the classroom. Depending on where you are in the world, the options in regards to Covid-19 and school may have been different. In Ontario (Canada) we have been given the option of enrolling our children in online schooling or sending them into the classroom.

Where we live the cases are VERY low, and really my girl needs to see her peers again, so for us this is a mental health choice. We are ready to make a change as soon as health and safety needs to be reassessed.

Shirt: Hails & Co — Bow: ChloZoBow Co.

With all these new norms in place, our back to school shopping was a little different this year. We have tried to shop and support small whenever we could – so we picked out some back to school clothing from a few shops we have discovered and loved. Summer picked out accessories from a few more shops and loved every minute of it.

This year we needed to add face-masks into the mix! I thought it important to let Summer choose which masks she like, get and idea for the fabrics and choose how she wanted it to fit. One of our go to shops ChloZoBow Co. started creating beautiful masks and paired them with your choice of lanyard (which is a genius idea for helping kids keep track of their newest accessory), scrunchies or hair bow. It’s such a great way to make this back to school season a little more enjoyable.

So well this new school year is going to be a different one for sure! It will likely look different for your family than mine, or even your than your neighbours. It’s important to remember we are all in this together and what works best for your family is what’s right for your family.

Happy school year to you and your littles!!