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Book Review – I Love My Kids, But I Don’t Always Like Them

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. And let me tell ya, the last 3 years have not proven to make it any easier.

Going from being a full time work out of the house mom of two to a work from home, stay at home mom of two has been a transition to put it mildly. Watching every move my children make, having time to dissect each interaction, every reaction they make and trying to not completely screw them up is a lot of pressure.

When I first was introduced to Franki I loved her personality, as I started to scroll through her website and blog posts I connected to the content she was creating. When Franki offered to send me a copy of her book “I Love My Kids, But I don’t Always Like Them” I was never more connected to a title – I promise you I judged the book by it’s cover and adored it.

You know when you are deep in parenting and you are so buried in the feeling of being alone, no other parent has been through what your child is putting you through? What I love most about this book is that Franki reminds you, you are not alone. She shares amazing stories both of her own and of other and how she put the tools in place to get through it.

I have many pages bunny eared over for quick reference in moments of struggles (cue page 77. Making consequences fit the moment), and appreciate the honesty in which Franki writes this book. Her background and knowledge are there to help and guide you. There is so much takeaway for parents to find out what will work for them along with lived experience showcasing how to put plans into action.

No child is the same, no parenting situation is the same, there is no real “How to” guide book in parenting; however in reading this book I have loads of takeaways and action points to help in my own parenting tool bucket.

I hands down recommend this book whether you are a first time parent, or have a whole soccer team to yourself. You will learn so much not only about how to deal with the behaviours and emotions your children put forth, but also about how you want to react as a parent the the skills you want to provide them with for life.

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