Book Review

Book Review – The Guest

In all honesty, 2021 is providing to be a year of setting personal boundaries and really forcing myself to take the ever talked about (not as often done) “me time”. So I haven’t finished my February book yet (it is coming and an excellent biography of sorts by a local author).

For now let’s go on a psychological journey with Cathryn Grant!

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She told him to make himself at home. He did.
Life has been good to Ellie – she owns a successful art gallery, is deeply in love with her husband, Seth, and has two beautiful children, Brandon and Simone.
But not everything is perfect…
Lately, Seth seems to have something on his mind and has become cold and distant. And things don’t improve when he invites mysterious stranger Ace to stay in their home.
Ace is charming, but Ellie can’t help feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye, that he has some kind of agenda. She’s also aware that she is dangerously attracted to him.
Then a girl at Brandon’s school is murdered, and Ellie is beyond devastated when the police tell her they think her son might be involved.
Ellie knows in her heart that Brandon is innocent and she feels certain that Ace is somehow connected to the disturbing things that are happening. She starts to dig for the truth and uncovers the terrible secret that will change her life in ways she can’t imagine…

This book took me through twists and turns! I was constantly trying to guess when the epilogue took place, once that was revealed figuring out who the participants were.

Making it to the end of the book, I still didn’t know who the the culprit was. I still am shook by it after finishing the book. I have asked my husband at least 5 times if he wants me to tell him about it (the answer remains no, but I still keep asking).

This is the first psychological thriller I have read in a really long time, I think the last one was The Women in the Window by A.J Finn. I read that one during late night feedings with Lincoln when he was a newborn.

The Guest holds up, Cathryn did an amazing job creating this world and characters in it you just had to know more about, even if you knew you wouldn’t like them in the real world.

I am excited to read more of her work in the future.

Have you read the book? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments, or tell me what books I should add to my must read list.