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Breakfast Of Champions

I feel like smoothies are always on trend!  There’s always a lot of different recipes you can find scrolling pages on Pinterest to inspire the perfect tasting smoothie with the right ingredients. Making sure that it’s healthy, packed full of proteins and still hitting all of the right flavour notes. I’ve always enjoyed a smoothie in the morning for breakfast.  The only thing that has been a nuisance for me it’s the blender – NOBODY likes the sound of it and usually I’m making a smoothie before everybody else is awake in the house (so Lord knows that they are complaining) and it’s kind of a pain in the butt to clean especially, if you’re in a rush. I heard first heard of the Canadian company Evive Smoothies listening to one of my favourite podcasts (if you don’t listen to the Here For Her podcast you definitely have too.) In all honesty, when I first looked at the options $90 for 24 smoothies felt kind if steep. So I decided to bust at my calculator and do a cost comparison for how much I was already spending making my smoothies everyday. As you can see, I was already spending about $80 a month on smoothies.  Really that $90 wasn’t a huge jump, it’s also delivered straight to your door and has such a great variety of flavours (with ingredients I would have never thought to put in a smoothie). Truly the most magical part of this is a blender is not needed!!! You just put your liquid in the cup add in your pre-made smoothie cubes give it a little shake and then let the cubes melt. It does take a bit of time for the smoothie to melt together — so if it is something that you’re wanting to enjoy right away you can still throw it in your blender.     It’s been about 6 months since I first started using Evive Smoothies, I look forward to my delivery every single month! They’re a great Canadian company and always adding new flavours, so it’s fun to switch things up. I’m definitely happy with the convenience of just plopping my cubes in some almond milk and having it ready once my morning chaos is complete. If you’re wanting to try this movies yourself you can use code DANIELLED10 for $10 off your first order!