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Coffee & Chat: @HomeWithLisa

There are are few things in life I love as much as being able to just have a moment to relax. Quiet moments are few a far between it often seems, so taking a moment with my coffee (or a glass of wine) and just pursuing through Instagram is high up there.  

As we have started looking at (new) homes for our expanded family – home decor accounts have become a favourite of mine. As much as I love all the pretty things, I also love looking for mom’s with young families who still manage to have beautiful things (talk about #goals). For me that person is @HomeWithLisa.  I highly recommend checking her out and seeing all the gorgeousness her home has become. And if you can believe it .. she has 2 girls around close in age to my own littles!!! I take this as a sign that there is actual hope for my own home decorating goals.

I decided this would be a fun opportunity to do our first interview! Without further ado, here is our talk with Lisa Smith (@HomeWithLisa)

Lisa Smith, the face and talent behind @homewithlisa

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me! I have found myself such a fan-girl of your instafeed! Where do you find the inspiration for your home?

Instagram is a huge inspiration.  And Pintrest! I follow a lot of talented women. If I see something I really like, I always put my own twist on it. I never want to look identical to someone else.

What motivated and encouraged you to start the home decor blogger journey? How does it feel opening up your home to so many?

After purchasing our first home, I was so excited to pick all the paint colours and decide where furniture was going. I eventually just started taking pictures of the updates we were making and how I was styling the different spaces. Instagram has become such a huge creative outlet for me, I really enjoy what I do and love sharing my ideas to hopefully inspire others.

You have 2 beautiful daughters. How on Earth do you still manage to have such a gorgeous home and so few casualties to the decor?

The girls are actually really good with leaving things alone! There has been some mishaps with orange nail polish on my new carpet, pen marks on my chair cushions. Oxi-clean has saved the day several times. I can’t just blame the girls, Jason (my husband) is bad for spilling coffee and leaving his socks EVERYWHERE.

The gorgeous office space Lisa talks about.

What is your favourite setup/room/decor idea you have created for yourself?

My most favourite space I’ve created is my closet/office space. It’s a small space but I managed to fit in a spot for working and a spot for dressing. And still keeping in the farmhouse feel with the shiplap and wood tones.

Have you thought about expanding your brand outside of Instagram? With a blog or vlog of some sort?

Within the last few months the word “stager” has been brought up a lot. If I would be starting up my own business, or willing to stage homes to sell. I am so incredibly flattered and really when I started my Instagram page, I never had a clue of where I wanted it to lead me. I’ve still got lots of growing to do but definitely look forward to the future of Home With Lisa.


We can’t thank Lisa enough for taking the time to talk with us about the decor journey she’s on. If you visit her page (which I strongly recommend) You will also see some great step by step DIY’s so that you can update your home with some beautiful creations. CLICK HERE for a Magnolia inspired wreath that I just can’t get enough of!  Hopefully soon we will be able to share our own journey of styling a new space with the help of Lisa! Until then scroll left in the gallery below for a peak at her lovely home and get some inspiration for your own.



    • Lisa

      Paint was our best friend for our living space. Our house came painted this awful plum smoke colour, so everything got painted either Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore or Simply white by BM. It brightened up the entire house and made a huge difference!

  • Samm

    Where is your favorite place to buy classic pieces? And how do you keep a space fresh without getting bored of it

    • Lisa

      This is such a great question! I do a lot of faux florals in my house, I get at Michael’s or we sometimes make the trip to the states and I shop at Hobby Lobby or Target. I always find the best pieces there for my house that I can keep out through all seasons. As for getting bored it happens ALL the time. That’s when I usually make something using wood, my most recent was a coffee table or I grab a bunch of florals at Michael’s and make a new wreath.

    • Lisa

      This is so so flattering. Thank you for even being interested in something like this! I am SO camera shy. I am trying so hard to get better at insta stories and showing my face. This is something to definitely consider, thank you!