Date Night In

Mom and Dad need time to reconnect, it’s so easy to slip into the roommate routine as you are going through pure survival mode, especially in the never ending Covid situation.

Depending on where you are in the world the situation may look different, your options may be narrower or you may just not yet feel comfortable going out and about in places with people, and that is okay! But it doesn’t have to mean loosing the fun of date night.

 Restore the romance with these sweet and simple at-home date night ideas.

  1. Play a game together. Whether something high-tech or low-tech, a little friendly competition can help take your mind of the every day stresses.
  2. Get dressed up for a fancy dinner and order in from your favorite place. Give the kids an early dinner and maybe have a small snack with them, once they are in bed take some time to reconnect over a delicious dinner with your partner.
  3. Plan a morning date with a cup of coffee sneaking ninja style down the stairs and get some time just the two of you.
  4. Set up your own paint and sip experience. YouTube has plenty of painting tutorials.
  5. Have a tasting party! Whether you and partner are into wine, craft beers, whiskey, or something else entirely, buy a sampling of new things to try.
  6. Try out a virtual cooking class and learn a new skill together!
  7. Cozy up fireside with your favourite beverage and talk.
  8. Get your favorite dessert delivered or bake something special together.

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