Natural Living – Keeping our Family Happy & Healthy

I started my journey with essential oils a little over a  year ago.

After having Lincoln, I struggled on and off with anxiety and had spoken to a physician about some of my concerns.  I did seem to be able to manage and was feeling fairly confident.

As life often does, things just started to feel like they were piling up. My anxiety was reaching new heights, I would wake up with a racing heart in the night and be unable to reset myself to doze back off.

I had talked to a few friends who used essential oils for various reasons and decided to order my first diffuser with some blends made specifically for sleep.

This helped my night time routine greatly, but I was still finding moments during the day would result in panic attacks, and it was hard.  A lovely friend an neighbour started making little spritz bottles with oils and water to spray around when I found myself becoming anxious and much to my surprise (and relief) they really helped.

Slowly I started introducing bedtime oils to the kids rooms to help them relax and fall asleep (and stay asleep!).

Flash Forward

Summer put in a rough winter with constant ear infections and a seemingly never ending bout of pneumonia (thankfully we have gotten her fixed up and things have been looking great over the last few months).

With the state of a global pandemic and the onslaught of school germs I want to be proactive! So we have been doing some ditching and switching of house hold products trying to eliminate harsh chemicals and use more natural products.


Did you know that one of the first prescriptions ever recorded was for frankincense oil? Another was for peppermint oil.

There is so much natural medicine at our disposal, if we just know where to look. Some of the mostly widely used medications today were originally sourced from plants. A good example would be first aspirin medication, some of the first used was an extract of White Willow Bark. By using essential oils we are simply remembering the things many people and cultures have used for thousands of years.

If we can build good immunity, and use natural products to keep everyone feeling healthy I don’t see a down side to avoiding trips to the doctors office.


In all honesty, not much has changed. Most often I am using oils in our diffusers. But I also now am able to create blends using oils to fit our needs in the moment.

When someone has an upset tummy or indigestion I can provide a tarragon, ginger, peppermint mix to apply topically.

Our household has also started switching over cleaning supplies to have less harsh chemicals around the kiddos and our little fur man.  The changes are small, but over time I am hopeful they make a difference in not only bettering our health and lifestyle, but also the environment and the footprint we are leaving behind.

I would love to chat if you and your family are on a similar journey, or if you have any questions or suggestions. I love learning more and having these conversations.  Please share in the comments below.