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It is August, so our little boy Link has been one for an entire 4 months. So to say this post is a tad behind is an understatement – but his party was so much fun that it wouldn’t be fair not to share just a little about it. 

To start things off, since I found out we were pregnant with a baby boy I loved the theme of woodland critters. His first nursery had a woodland theme, and it has carried into our new home (although his room is a work in progress). So his first birthday was themed with a “Wild ONE” party. 

I was able to design his invitation myself using photoshop 

AND I was able to find all of the decorations on Etsy and have them printed at Staples.

I was pretty excited with the cake as we (and I pretend it was a partnered decision, but it wasn’t, I don’t really share control over the social events in this house) had a naked cake with the idea it would resemble a birch tree and then I cut woodland charters out of pre-rolled fondant. Now because I was new to this I only bought white fondant and then had the idea of painting it was icing colouring. I am not going to say it was a bad idea, just a time consuming one!

It was such an amazing time having family here to celebrate, both kids loved having their cousins here to play, and for a lot of my family it was their first time seeing our new home. 


Of course Lincoln was completely spoiled. I will link some of the toys that we have found to be really great for his age and have really gotten lots of traction over these summer months.

                 (vtech sports centre)                                      (step 2 water table)                                   (melissa & doug animal noise puzzle) 

It’s crazy how much he has already grown since his birthday, it feels like time is going by so much faster than when Summer was his age – I just want to keep them little for as long as possible! *said every mama ever!*