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It’s good to feel pampered!

 Life gets busy, being a mom of 2 hasn’t slowed it down at all. Before adulting I used to love a good ol fashioned afternoon at the salon getting my nails all prettied up. Back before the smell didn’t nearly knock me out and there wasn’t somebody constantly wanting to hang off my body.

After my daughter was born a friend had introduced me to Jamberry (if you aren’t familiar, they are basically an adhesive nail polish that is applied with heat and has lots of fun designs and colours.) I ordered a number of different designs and had loads of fun applying them while my baby girl slept rocking away in her swing. Once my pile had accumulated I stopped ordering them and kind of forgot the catalogue existed.

Flash forward to early 2017, I stumbled across Alycia (she can be found on Instagram and Facebook)  in a handmade group as she was looking to downsize some of her tulle stash (since we here at Little SummerBee love a good tutu, we couldn’t get our hands on it fast enough) When I had went to pick up the stash Alycia had sweetly stuck in a pile of Jamberry samples as a surprise – it felt like Christmas.  

Since I found her in a makers group, I thought I would share the beautiful blanket she crocheted for the little dude.
You can contact Alycia directly to inquire about having something made for the little in your life. She does all sorts                                                                                 of beautiful crocheted creations

I had chatted back in forth with her quite a bit, she is really one of the fun spirited and kind ladies and super talented to boot (she crochets some beautiful creations). I had placed a few orders through her and noticed that she also made some custom designed that were printed onto these magical nails. I decided to ask her if she could take a design from some of the fabrics I use and create nails to match. Being as she is a complete doll, she agreed to help me and the outcome was probably my favourite thing ever. For any of you that have seen our StarBucks inspired harem pants, you will know how happy this mani made me

Now I don’t want to sound sales pitchy here, but really these nails have been a game changer in my manicure life. It takes me about 20 minutes to apply and that is just relaxing me time, and I can usually get a solid 2 weeks if not longer (due to my laziness to remove them) out of each manicure.  I also like getting mail that isn’t bills, so it’s fun to place orders and have pretty things arrive.

If you haven’t tried Jamberry nails before and are interested, I am sure that Alycia would be happy to help, and she also has spot on style inspiration.

So have a little fun, and pamper yourself! You deserve it.