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Kindergarten Learning Tools

Momming is so hard!

I personally struggle to find balance between my career and giving the best of myself to the kiddos. It can be really hard to try and find ways to be more involved in your child’s education.

I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to engage my daughter, we want to find ways to help her language develop and also work on her French language skills. Really finding ways to making learning something that’s fun for her.
It’s really important to me as a parent to help my kids advance as much as possible at home to make the classroom easier.

I thought I would share with you some of the tools that we have been using that we have found really helpful and my daughter has enjoyed.

Our focus has been math skills, working with sentence structure and spelling, reading skills and helping with our French.

We are in the Ottawa region so French as a second language is something that is a priority and has a big focus in school. I know where I grew up French was not as big of a focus just because we weren’t near a french-speaking area, so it might not be something that your kids need to learn but if you’re looking for tools this is what has worked for us.

I’ve linked before in another blog post we get a lot of our work books from Dollarama. The prices are really good & most of them come with little certificates of completion in the back my daughter absolutely loves. I will link some other places that you can purchase these books too.

We are really big fan of the Beaver book publisher and they have things for writing, math, spelling, for learning how to make your shape! And then they go up from kindergarten to 3rd or 4th grade – so there’s lots of books to work with depending on your child’s age and the level there at.

For the French that we’ve been doing we use of both a combination of the workbooks which are all in English but we focus on things she knows.

So we go over colours in French just mentioning what colour the shapes are on the page, or when we’re doing math we will ask and answer the questions doing our numbers in French. She’s really just working on the the core basics.

We’ve also downloaded a free app called Duolingo (CLICK HERE for Android CLICK HERE for Apple). There are so many different languages on it, we focus only on the French. You can set up the profile for what the ages are.

We are doing very beginner level stuff we’ve been using it for nearly 2 months. Honestly her nouns and her verbs and her understanding just how they fit. Knowing “they” and whether or not it’s being used in male or female context. She can really understand the meaning of why a sentence is structured the way it is in French vs. English, so that’s been really exciting and it’s something we can do together.

She also loves that you tally gemstone points so for her it’s a little bit more like a game. Just over all an amazing tool!

Is there a tool that you guys are using with your kinder’s or even children older? I would love to hear them! We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to encourage the love of learning in our house.