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#MomLife – A Very Fairy Success

A little over a year ago we wrote a post about a local author (Carlie Brown) and the amazing book she had written, A Very Fairy Door.  At the time, our daughter wasn’t old enough to really grasp the magic behind the door but the concept was something that really had me excited.

This past Christmas, while we were pregnant with our son I had decided it was time to jump in to the fun and ordered a copy of the book which comes with a very sweet fairy door. Summer was so excited when she opened it and right away was drawn in with the bright colours and beautifully created fairies.

I’m not gonna lie, during my pregnancy I didn’t exactly move at light speed (or snail speed even) and we only got the door up in her room about two months ago. However, I am going to say this was a great thing because she had found a love of fairies from the Netflix show Mia and Me (they may be elves, but they have wings so I feel like it’s the same thing ..) As I was saying, she discovered this show and became a complete believer in the fairy world and all the magic that it holds (I kid you not, my girl is complete imagination goals! My wish for her is that she never loses her belief in magic and what can’t be seen).

When we opened the door and found it’s perfect place in her bedroom, Summer decided that she wanted the very special fairy Mia to be her first fairy friend. We worked extra hard on a special letter for Mia welcoming her into our home and Summer made a beautiful picture for her to take back to her fairy friends behind the magical door. The next morning Mia and left something special for Summer and so began their adorable friendship. (Yes I am aware that I am probably more invested in this then I should be, no I won’t stop because the look in my daughter’s eyes when she discovered a new trinket melts my heart in ways that can’t be explained.)
     Special letters that have been left behind by our fairy friends for jobs well done, and boasts of encouragement

While this door is magical to my daughter, it holds a whole different kind of magic for mommy! I have learned to use her door as tool with behaviour. She knows that fairies can only come to our world when we are resting. The book tells us that fairies like when we are kind and considerate, well mannered, help tidy and help around the house. Knowing these things has helped with bed time, as my darling 3.5 year old no longer jumps out of bed a bajillion times (unless it’s for a real potty break) and she is working really hard on her listening ears so she can be kind and helpful to mommy, daddy and her baby brother.

Just the other day, after going on her first bicycle ride with her “big girl bike” she had a little accident getting off and needed some extra encouragement being brave. Her fairies wrote her a little letter telling her times when they needed to be brave and encouraging her to try again, sure enough after reading her letter she wanted to get back on her new bicycle to show her fairies that she too could be brave.

We have decorated lightly around the door so her fairies have a little space to call home and relax when they visit, this has made for some fun craft time, and she loves sitting in front of her fairy door and just talking to the magical beings on the other side (which is a huge helpful time killer for this mama taking care of the newborn).

It really has become something rather special for my little girl, and I am excited to see her imagination continue to grow with new fairy friends being introduced all the time. I am also happy we waited (although unintentionally) until her brother arrived to put the door into action as it has given her something special and dedicated solely to her during this time of transition.  And selfishly, I know when “Mia” and the other fairy friends are writing to her that all of their attention is on that task so she is getting 100%, because if you are a mom of two or more you know how real the guilt is feeling like you don’t give enough of yourself to each kid individually ..


Which reminds me, there is some fairy dust to clean up from last nights rowdy visitors.