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#MomLife – That time I called a Podcast

Here’s a dirty little secret for you. I LOVE all things Bachelor. It is such a guilty pleasure, and pre kids I couldn’t tell you a time it didn’t fill my Monday time slots ever January, May and August as new seasons started.

Once my daughter was old enough that she required a real routine, I decided be become responsible and not have her stay up late watching Chris Soules find love. So I did the next best thing and became a HUGE Reality Steve fan (for those who aren’t familiar with him – basically he spoils all things Bachelor and gets you the scoop you didn’t know you needed). Nearly 100 episodes ago he started a PodCast interviewing previous contestants about their time on the show (search Reality Steve Podcast on iTunes, Google Play or wherever you listen to your pods). A few times he spoke with Ashley Spivey (from Brad Womack’s 2nd season) and her intelligence and sense of humour made me enjoy her far more than that time she was on a reality show.

 A few months ago they started a He Said/She Said podcast. Callers call in with emotional struggles, problems their facing or really anything they need to get off their chest. If you haven’t listened before, I highly recommend it. Each and every episode has had callers with such relatable things happening in their lives and the advice Steve and Ashley provide is golden. One week Steve mentioned having questions about how people split their holidays once kids are in the picture between families. I thought this was a great topic and decided to call in, because I needed help with it too. (I will post it below for anyone who wants to take a listen)

I got off topic pretty quickly! To say it spiraled puts it mildly. I had no idea how much I had been holding in about my own hurt feelings, and I am not even sure I addressed time sharing holidays at all by the end of it. But in true fashion, Ashley and Steve were amazing listeners. They offered words of encouragement and really did try to offer solid advice. It felt so good to feel heard, something I hadn’t realized I craved.

So I am going to put it out there (because I still need the tips) – What does your family do when it comes to sharing time and holidays with extended family? How do you travel with your kids? How do you create your own memorable traditions without always being on the road for the holidays?