No Spend March – Challenge Accepted

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know that I’m a huge fan girl of @homewithLisa, not just because she’s my best friend or my cousin but because she is so relatable and she’s just such a sweet soled person to the core.
In the month of January she introduced a no spend January. When I saw her doing that I was absolutely terrified at the thought!
  • I need at least one trip a week to grab a coffee while I’m doing my groceries or just want to have that quiet moment to myself.
  • I make frequent trips to the dollar store to grab work books for the kids or just because I want to cruise and I know that I’m not going to be spending oodles of money because it’s just the dollar store
  • & I truly believe that if I’m at the grocery store then it probably should be just included in my cost of groceries when an extra sweater or additional clothes for the kids to my cart.
All of these little things add up and so for the month of March my family and I have decided that we are going to participate in a
No Spend March.  I haven’t really decided the format at this point. I think basically the purpose will be to limit the extra spending we are doing. So cutting out fast food and coffee trips, no visits to the LCBO and sticking to a firm grocery budget each week.  I am also going to go through the house and maybe try to gather items no longer in use and see if we can sell them. A lot of the kids toys they have outgrown and are just sitting in the basement.
It’s definitely going to be a challenge and I am going to work really hard to not do mindless spending, but also not be too hard on myself if there is a slip up.  Please join in if you are feeling inspired & want to see what kind of unnecessary spending you are doing in a month! I would love the extra moral support.  At the end of the month I will be going over and reviewing how the month went, as well as any tips and tricks we learned along the way.
I have made up a March calendar template if you want to count down your days with me. There is a space for you to write down your spending exceptions and how much you will budget to spend of them for the month, or each week