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She’s A Senior(Kindergartener)

September is coming to an end, fall is in the air and a new school season has started. And by golly my sweet baby girl is nearing the end the third week of year 2 kindergarten! (in the old days we would have called this senior kindergarten but things are new and weird now).

We have been really blessed with a kiddo who generally likes learning and enjoyed her first year of school quite a bit. She has been pumped about going back since about mid August.

This past weekend, while doing a Dollar store haul she asked if we could buy some homework books to use at home. Honestly, the dollar store has such gems in their book section – I highly recommend checking it out. We grabbed mainly math books, she has been writing letters for some time and we work a lot on reading with our bedtime books so mathematics seemed like a good choice.

I’ve linked the Beaver Books Kindergarten Math here in case you are interested. But as I mentioned above, I did find a copy at Dollarama for $1.25. We have also purchased a few Little Genius activity books (I couldn’t find a link for purchasing online, but it gives you an idea of the selection).

One of our biggest struggles last year was lunches, trying to find foods she would like that would stay fresh and also wouldn’t end up going to waste. Our school has a zero garbage policy, so we use a lot of tupperware and bumkin bags. Which is great for the environment but does result in a lot of wasted food as it really doesn’t keep well out of package.

The biggest thing we have implemented is having Summer help in meal planning and deciding what will go in her lunch. Also adding a thermos so we can have warm foods – it’s only been a few weeks but so far so good.

How are your little’s making out this school year? Any tips for keeping up the momentum from some of your more seasoned school mamas?