Special Guest Editor – Summer Belle

Hi, I am Summer.  I am going to talk to you about my favourite things. Let’s start ..

Here is my first favourite thing: MOMMY
I love her because she let’s me bake with her. I also love Mommy because she helps me stay brave at night in the dark when I don’t have bunny.  She is strong and helpful, this is all I want to say about Mommy because I have a lot of stuff.

My second favourite thing: Cottage Swimming
Because I love how fun it is, and that I can practice being brave. I don’t like over dunking and sometimes I over dunk onto my head.

The next I love is: Baking
I love baking because it is so much fun! And I also love baking because it is so so so yummy to eat.

The last thing I love is: Hanging Out With Linky (my baby brother)
Playing anything is more fun my Linky.  He is so so cute, a real cutey-cake! And be is really funny.

Thank you for reading my favourite things.