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10 months, it has been a whole 10 months since I last posted! That is crazy, and a whole lot can change. 

You may have noticed it has been a while since we also posted on the Little SummerBee shop Instagram page. I don’t want to say I am done creating forever – but with 2 little ones, a full time job, a husband and having recently moved (don’t worry I will catch you up there as well), it became difficult to find the time to fulfill orders and in all honesty, it was hard to put my heart into it.

Let’s back up just a little …

When we last left you in October, I had been back to work for about a week. Lincoln was also 8 days away from turning 6 months old (he turned 16 months just 2 days ago) and Summer was about a month into her first year of kindergarten. 

Over the months that followed, we got our home in Barrhaven ready to sell (for those of you not local, that is a suburb in Ottawa, ON). Our home was placed on the market in early December and sold the first day we were accepting offers (also an exciting story for another day). We had found our dream home in a small town outside of the city and in February of this year we moved to the town of Arnprior. 

The move has been great for our family, but being a working mom was already a challenge and it certainly has become more emotionally draining adding a commute into the mix. That sad, all of the positives outweigh the negative and the kiddos are so happy here and have made some sweet friends (and we have fantastic neighbours all around).

It was while we were getting ready to do the move that Little SummerBee as I knew it was changing. I was tired and drained and had little time to put into creating and sewing. It became a back burner item. Once the move happened I didn’t magically come up with more hours in the day (and if I did I would want them with the littles). 

I did however still feel an urge to be creative, we had a new home and it was a blank canvas for decorating. With the help of my best friend (and dear cousin) Lisa I began feeling confident and comfortable in decorating our home with the vision I had. Then it became fun to style and photograph our home. 

Once photographing the home was a snap, capturing  my sweet littles in the special moments started falling into place and I decided to take the plunge in sharing these moments and achievements online. I decided I would relaunch the website as a blog instead of a shop as a space to share what is happening with our little family & our new home. I will also be able to share some of the products and tools I have found to be game changing it making #momlife simpler and still continue to share homemade and small business shops I love. 

So if you are new here, Welcome! And if you have been around for a little while, I hope you stay a while longer.