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The (kinder) Graduate

Our second year of school hasn’t gone as planned.
Really, can anyone say it has. March break plans cancelled by one and all as we hunkered into an extended break.

What started out as a 3 week plan has been 14 weeks and counting (thank you Covid). The school year was officially called to stay at home, meaning I (like many other parents) became my daughters teacher.  I can’t say it was easy, but with only one week left of school and think it’s safe to say – We made it to graduation!! And next year my feisty little mini will be entering grade one.

Leaving her first year of school, Summer was so in awe of the second year students and instantly looked forward to the following June when she would have a graduation celebration into the First grade. Since we won’t be seeing our kinder friends for a little while, I decided that I will throw her a graduation celebration at our in home kinder class.

I have linked the tutorial I used for making her cap and gown here. You can also check out the highlights on my Instagram page to follow along with me. If you make the cap and gown, please be sure to tag me so I can see your little graduate.

Here is a list of supplies you will need


Our Little Graduate

It may not have been the school year we expected, but watching my girl grow and seeing how her little mind works was a blessing I didn’t know I needed.

I would love to hear what your littles are looking forward to now that the school year has fully come to an end.  Any celebrations you have planned to celebrate you both successfully making it to the other side of pandemic homeschooling?

Cheers to making it to first grade!


  • Grandma

    So tough for all these graduates big and small but any kind of celebration makes them feel special. So sweet.

    • Danielle

      Summer loved being able to celebrate. My heart goes out to all the students missing celebrating their milestone years. My hope is everyone is able to find a way to make their accomplishments recognized and special.